Great people personally responsible for advancing the art of early computers:

H. Edward Roberts - In 1974 created of first popular personal computer - MITS Altair 8800. MITS was his own company which he founded in 1970.

Chuck Peddle - While working at MOS, in 1975 designed the popular 6502 CPU and subsequent KIM-1 single board computer (SBC), and later while at Commodore the Commodore PET 2001 computers.

Lee Felsenstein - Designer of early successful computers - SOL-20 (1976) and the Osborne 1 (1981).

Jack Tramiel - Founder and CEO of Commodore computer company, who released many popular personal computers in the late 1970s and early-mid 1980s.

Gary Kildall - In 1973 created the first popular computer operating system - CP/M.

Most early computers in the 1970s and early 1980s ran on CP/M.

Gary also co-hosted the popular TV show Computer Chronicles from 1983 to 1990.

Bil Gates - Microsoft software company - Founded in 1975, most early home computers ran Microsoft BASIC, the first being the MITS Altair 8080.

In the early 1980s, Microsoft MS-DOS overtook CP/M as the most popular computer operating system.

Adam Osborne - Author, book and software publisher. Founder of Osborne Computer Company.

In 1981 marketed the first successful portable computer - the Osborne 01.

Steve Wozniak - co-founder of Apple Computers in 1976.

The sole designer of the first Apple computers - the Apple I and Apple II.

Steve Jobs - co-founder of Apple Computers in 1976.

The great marketer - succeeds with insanely great vision and sense of style.

Jay Miner - While working at Atari, in 1979 designed the Atari 400 and Atari 800; the force behind the Amiga personal computer of 1985.

Sir Clive Sinclair - Founder of Sinclair electronics, Sinclair line of computers

Andrew Kay - As the founder of Non-Linear System, invented the digital volt-meter in 1952.

NLS changed to Kaypro in 1983, released the Kaypro line of portable computers.

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