Kaypro 2000 laptop
Price:US $1,995
Weight:12 lbs
CPU:Intel/NEC 8088/V20 @ 4.77MHz
RAM:256K, 768K max
Display:monochrome LCD
80 X 25 text
640 X 200 graphics
Ports:Serial port
modem connections
expansion bus
Storage:one 3.5-inch 720K floppy
Power:7.5vdc, 2amp, pin (-)
OS:MS-DOS 2.11

Kaypro "set the world on fire" three years earlier, back in 1982, with their first and highly successful Kaypro II portable CP/M computer.

After numerous other systems similar to the earlier Kaypro II, in 1985 they release their first and only laptop computer, the Kaypro 2000. It has a very "industrial" design - black brushed-aluminum shell, and a rubber guard all the way around - the Darth Vader of laptops!

The screen is too short - much wider than it is tall. But eventually a newer version was release which had a full-size screen.
Like all Kaypro computers, the Kaypro 2000 came with a large bundle of software, making the Kaypro computers an excellent deal for the price. The software package includes MS-DOS, WordStar, Mailmerge, CalcStar, InfoStar, and more.

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  • History of Kaypro Computers

    • 1952: Andrew Kay founds Non-Linear systems, the first manufacturer of digital voltmeters.
    • 1982: March - Non-Linear Systems introduces the Kaypro II for US$1795.
    • 1982: Non-Linear Systems shows the prototype Kaypro 5, with 5 MB hard drive.
    • 1982: Computer sales quickly $120 million.
    • 1983: June - Non-Linear Systems introduces the Kaypro 4, like the Kaypro II but with 380KB double-sided disk drives. Price is US$1995.
    • 1983: June - Non-Linear Systems introduces the Kaypro 10, like the Kaypro 4 but with one 380KB double-sided disk drive and a 10-MB internal hard drive. Price is US$2795. Weight is 31 pounds.
    • 1983: July - Non-Linear Systems changes its company name to Kaypro Corporation.
    • 1983: Kaypro was rated the 5th largest personal computer manufacturer in the world.
    • 1990: March - Kaypro Corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
    • 1992: June - Kaypro Corporation files for Chapter 7 liquidation to satisfy some $20 million in claims.
    • 1995: Kaypro property sold for $2.7 million.
      Source: Chronology of Events in the History of Microcomputers

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