Kyotronic KC-85
Price:US ??
Weight:3.8 pounds ?
CPU:80C85, 2.4MHz
RAM:16K, 32K maximum
Ports:RS-232, printer port
Display:40 X 8 character LCD display
Power:4 'AA' batteries
External 9vdc power supply
Storage:Audio cassette in/out
OS:Menu operation to select apps.
Microsoft BASIC built in

In the early 80's, Kyocera (Kyoto Ceramics) of Japan designed an excellent portable computer based on the 80C85 CPU, hence the name Kyotronic "85".
This computer was so great in fact, that Tandy, NEC, and Olivetti all licensed the design from Kyocera and released similar computers with related features.

These are considered the world's first laptop computers, and were very popular due to their full size keyboard, great portablility, and large display.
  • From the BASIC Reference Manual: "The large LCD screen gives it extremely advanced graphics capabilities for a portable computer (240 X 64 dots).".
  • Four "AA" batteries are all that are required to run, for up to 18 hours.
  • There is no removable data storage, but the battery-backed CMOS RAM retains all data when the computer is off, and even if the computer batteries are removed.

  • An external cassette recorder is required for permanent data storage.

    A bus expansion socket and ROM socket are available for further application expansion.

    The Kyotronic 85 has three built-in applications:
  • Microsoft BASIC
  • Text processing program
  • Telecommunications program
    Additional apps can be added by installing the appropriate ROMs in the ROM expansion socket.

    Note: The 80C85 CPU is the same as on Sojourner, the rover sent to Mars! Here's why:

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