NEC PC-8300
Weight:3.8 lbs.
CPU:80C85, 2.4MHz
RAM:32K, 64K max.
Ports:RS-232, Parallel ports.
Bar code reader, 300 baud modem
Display:40 X 8 character LCD display
Power:4 'AA' batteries
Runs for 16 hours on battery power!
External 9vdc power supply
Storage:Audio cassette in/out
OS:Microsoft BASIC v1.1 in ROM

The NEC PC-8300 is an upgrade of the original PC-8201a.

These are probably the worlds first laptop computers, sporting a full-size keyboard, and enough ports to satisfy everyones needs.

  • Built by NEC under license from Kyocera
  • 32k RAM installed, expandable to 2 banks of 32k each or 1 bank of 64k
  • 8 line display
  • Redefinable screen character set
  • Could take memory cartridges of up to 128k in special slot
  • Video monitor interface available
  • Portable disk drive available
  • Portable printer available
  • Able to emulate PC8201
  • Internal modem optional with Bell standard Berg connectors
  • Advanced TEXT with printer formatting
  • Advanced TELCOM with X-Modem file transfer

  • Y2K information from (now a dead link):
    The calendar for PC8201A and PC-8300 display 4 digits of the year, but the upper 2 digits are fixed as "19" and there is no count up function from "1999" to "2000". Therefore, January 1, 2000 will be displayed 1999. 01. 01. instead of 2000. 01. 01. . PC8201A, PC-8300 also do not have leap-year-support.

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