Zenith eazy PC
Price:US $1,199
CPU:NEC V40 @ 7.14MHz
RAM:512K, 640K max.
Display:80 X 25 text
640 X 200 pixels graphics
14-inch monochrome monitor
Ports:Printer, mouse
system expansion bus
Storage:3.5-inch 720K floppy drive(s)
optional 20Meg hard drive
OS:MS-DOS 3.21

Similar to the Commodore PET 2001 - the monitor is attached and cannot be removed, but it does rotate and swivel.

There are three models of the eazy PC:
  • EZ-1 - one floppy drive
  • EZ-2 - $1,199 - two floppy drives
  • EZ-3 - $1,598 - one floppy drive, one 20Meg hard drive

  • An unusual MS-DOS home computer - very limited with no internal expansion capabilites, only a mouse (serial), printer, and 'option' connector on the back. The 'option' connection is for installation of additional memory, a modem or serial port.

    Here is the attached 128K memory module, which boosts the eazy PCs memory from 512K to the maximum of 640K.

    Seen below is the EZ-3 motherboard, with the single floppy and 20Meg hard drive installed:

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