Tomy Tutor
CPU:TI TMS9995 CPU @10.7MHz (?)
RAM:16K, 64K max
Display:256 X 192 pixels
32 X 24 text, 16 colors
Ports:I/O bus, controller (joystick)
tape recorder, audio, video
RF (TV 3/4), cartridge port
Storagecassette recorder

The Tomy Tutor was more popular in its home country of Japan than in the other two countries where it was sold:
  • Japan - Tomy Pyuuta - 1982
  • The US - Tomy Tutor - 1983
  • The UK - Grandstand Tutor - 1983

  • The Tutor is not a clone of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer from 1981, but they have much in common - perhaps a cooperative effort?

  • The TI-99/4A utilizes the TMS-9900 CPU, while the Tutor and the never-released TI-99/2 computer both use the TMS-9995 CPU.
  • Both the 99/4A and Tutor have the same TMS-9918-A VDP (Video Display Processor).
  • Also, they share a similar cartridge scheme and external system ports; even the sound, graphics, and BASIC programming language are similar.

  • Very minimalist design - the case is mostly empty, with a little re-work on the motherboard.

    Not much inside the typical Tomy game cart, either. Just a single ROM chip with the game burned into it.

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