Spectravideo CompuMate
Storage:optional external cassette
OS:Microsoft BASIC

The original Atari VCS was first released in 1977 - it is known as the first successful microprocessor-based hardware gaming system, with interchangeable cartridges containing game code.

The VCS was a very successful, inexpensive game system, but has no BASIC or other programming language available.

Now, with Spectravideo's CompuMate BASIC keyboard enhancer, you can do more just play video games on your Atari 2600 VCS.

For less than $100, you can transform your VCS into your own personal computer!

The CompuMate is a full-power add-on expansion unit with 16K built-in ROM, 2K built-in RAM, built-in Microsoft BASIC, and a 42-key sensor touch keyboard. It fits snuggly on the Atari VCS or Sears Video Arcade, blending-in completely.

With it, you can learn to write your very own programs, and get a fine introduction to the popular and important BASIC language. Of course, you can also run many existing programs, and store all your programs by attaching to any audio cassette recorder.

The adaptable CompuMate is also an excellent music-making machine, featuring 2-octave and 2-channel capability. The built-in Music Composer program lets you compose and play your own songs.

Music, though, isn't the only fun thing you can do with your Compumate. The built-in Magic Easel program permits you to draw pictures in up to 10 colors. The save command lets you store your program on data cassette - important if you ever become famous.

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