Sord IS-11 "Consultant"
Available:April 1984
Weight:4.5 lb, 2.1 kg
Price:US $995
CPU:Zilog Z-80 @ 3.4MHz
Display:40 X 8 text
Ports:RS-232, modem
keyboard, printer
parallel, bar code
Storage:built-in microcassette

Typically, Sord made only desktop systems, but now we have the Sord IS-11 laptop portable computer.

It is relatively unimpressive, although the built-in microcassette recorder blazes along at 2000 baud, saving 128K of data per cassette.
The IS-11 has no operating system - you cannot program it in any computer programming language, instead it is useful for running the four built-in applications:
  • Spreadsheet
  • File management
  • Text processing
  • Communication

  • The Sord IS-11 also has interchangeable ROM cartridges with applications built-in - very quick and easy to use.

    Just shut the system off, swap-out the cartridge, turn it back on, and you're up and running!

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