Poqet PC
Announced:October 1989
Available:March 1990
Prices:US $1,995.00
Weight:1 lb / .45kg
CPU:80C88 @ 7.0MHz
RAM:512K internal
Display:monochrome LCD
 80x25 text, 640x200 graphics
Storage:optional external floppy drive
Ports:I/O Expansion Port

The Poqet PC is a uniquely small, lightweight, and powerful IBM PC/XT-compatible computer, the smallest in existance at the time, complete with MS-DOS 3.30 and GW-Basic built-in. It is the first pocket PC with a full 80x25 (text) display.

The Poqet PC weighs only one pound, and easily fits in a coat pocket or handbag. It's about the size of a VHS VCR tape, whatever that is.

In addition to innovations in weight and size, the Poqet PC also frees you from carrying bulky battery packs or restrictive power cords. The Poqet PC is completely powered by just two AA batteries.

Because the Poqet PC does not completely turn off when you press the I/O (power) key, it resumes whatever operation was in progress when you originally pressed this key. You will return to the program you were working in when you last used your computer without having to reboot or re-enter any program commands.

Using advanced technology such as the unique Power Management software, these batteries will provide several weeks of computing use. To conserve power, the Poqet PC actually 'sleeps' between key presses and other actions.

The Poqet PC can access up to four built-in solid-state "drives" for data and application storage:
  • Drive A: left PCMCIA drawer (type I, 512K max)
  • Drive B: right PCMCIA drawer (type I, 512K max)
  • Drive C: internal ROM w/ MS-DOS 3.3, Poqet Utilities, GW-BASIC, application programs.
  • Drive D: internal 22K RAM drive
  • Drive E: external floppy drive, is available

    Special Poqet cables are require for RS-232 and parallel ports:
  • Null modem/VNA (included) - connect to desktop PC
  • Serial adapter cable - connect to modem or serial device
  • Parallel port cable - print to Centronics-type printers
  • Floppy disk cable - connect to the optional floppy drive

  • The built-in "PoqetTools" applications include:
    {Press <POQET><ESC> to bring-up the menu)
  • PoqetCalc - A standard, four-function calculator
  • PoqetWrite - A screen editor for writing and editing notes and memos
  • PoqetSchedule - A calendar including an appointment scheduler, alarm, and To Do lists.
  • PoqetAddress - A personal address book for information about friends, assiciates, and family members.
  • PoqetTalk - An easy-to-use communications program that allows you to access dial-up services, and connect to another computer system.

  • At least eight professional programs were available on credit card-size PCMCIA ROM cards:
  • Lotus 1-2-3 (v2.2)
  • Lotus MetrolExpress
  • Lotus Agenda
  • Lucid 3-D
  • ACT!
  • WordPerfect 5.1
  • WordPerfect Executive
  • XyWrite III Plus

  • The Poqet PC FDD is an external, battery-powered (4 x AA) floppy disk drive that can read and write 3.5-inch, 1.44MB DOS-formatted floppy disks. It connects to the Poqet PC via a proprietary Poqet Floppy Disk cable.

    Competing pocket PC's include the Atari Portfolio (1989), the HP 95LX (1991), and the Zeos Pocket PC (1992).

    Fujitsu initially provided financing support and owned 38% of Poqet, but they eventually bought 100% of the company, and then released the Poqet PC Plus, which has 2MB RAM and a rechargeable battery, among other improvements.

    The Poqet PC Plus is still available for sale from California Digital.

    Original 1990 Poqet PC prices
    DescriptionPart NumberPrice
    Poqet PCPQ-0164$1,995.00
    --- Peripherals ---
    Poqet Floppy Disk DrivePQ-0511$395.00
    Poqet Parallel Port CablePQ-057260.00
    Poqet Link CablePQ-054530.00
    Poqet Serial/Modem CablePQ-053925.00
    ---- Memory Cards ----
    512K RAMPQ-0611-06$595.00
    256K RAMPQ-0611-04375.00
    64K RAMPQ-0611-02160.00
    32K RAMPQ-0611-01125.00
    ---- Software ----
    Lotus 1-2-3PQ-0715$495.00
    Lotus Metro/ExpressPQ-0721300.00
    Lotus AgendaPQ-0774395.00
    Lucid 3-DPQ-0751225.00
    XyWrite III PlusPQ-0763495.00
    PoqetTools 5-1/4 inchPQ-074275.00
    PoqetTools 3-1/2 inchPQ-075875.00
    Poqet Utilities 5-1/4 inchPQ-076695.00
    Poqet Utilities 3-1/2 inchPQ-079295.00
    Poqet LAPLINK MacPQ-0747150.00
    ---- Warranties ----
    VIP Service ProgramPQ-0879$120.00
    Extended WarrantyPQ-0862395.00

    Here is the only power supply - two "AA" batteries - there is no AC adapter.

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