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The Obsolete Technology Website presents:
old computer ads
Sometimes funny, sometimes fascinating, other times shocking!

Guardian solenoids - "The unique design increases mechanical life from 1 million to 100 million..." Sumlock Comptometer Limited - Make a beeline to Anita!
"World's first and only electronic desk calculator."
Guardian Time Delay Relays - "Assign your 'clockwatching' to specialists: The Guardian Angel..." Penril Modem - "Versatile, dependable, compatible. Maybe even sexy"
Apple - Be the Apple of everyone's eyes in these comfortable, eye-catching T-shirts. Pascal - "Have I got a deal for you..."
Bill Gates - Loves Microsoft, ...and himself. Epson HX-20 - "Der Erfolg besserer Ideen."
Hipotronics - "Megohmmeter and Hipot? YES!"
Hipotronics offers a full line of high resistance megohmeters.
Interlude - "How's your love life?"
Routine? Predictable? Boring? Maybe all it needs is a little Interlude...
Commodore Computers - "Who's keeping up with Commodore?"
The Commodore Executive 64 is designed for the movers of the world.
Mirco - "The only name you need to know in circuit testing."
Mostek - Fast and Easy... MOSTEK's MK4102-6 static 1K RAM. 275ns! Opus - "No bad memories" floppy disks.
Once you've tried us, we think you'll be using us again and again.
Digital - Digital introduces the PDP-11/70. The system all other 11's have been leading up to. Duncan Electronics - 8 years ago we introduced Pixiepot... Since then our 'Elite design team' has continued to expand the overall performance capabilities by offering many new custom features.

Oct 1974
Priority One Electronics - "...send $1.00 for your copy today". Tandy Computers - Announcing: Grand Opening - The complete line of microcomputers and accessories.
Celanese Engineering Resins - "By injection molding rotor and stator strips in Celanex thermoplastic, instead of slower compression molding in alkyd resins formerly used, ... manufacturers cut finished parts costs, speed production and improve performance of these TV tuners." Vanguard computers - "IBM 360 compatible - both 7- and 9- track."
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