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The Obsolete Technology Website presents:
old computer ads
Sometimes funny, sometimes fascinating, other times shocking!

Shugart - "The original 5¼-inch MinifloppyTM stores 250 to 500 kilobytes. Our 8-inch and 14-inch fixed disk drives store from 5 to 58 megabytes."
- December 1980
PerSci - The PerSci model 299 has a total of four heads handling two double-sided diskettes...
- December 1978
Morrow Designs' 10 megabyte hard disk system - only $3,695. Cromemco - "The only CPU card to give you 4 MHZ speed."

"Here is by far the most powerful CPU card now available."
- October 1976
Morrow Design - "Now you can afford to sink your teeth into some big, feature-packed static memories. Because George Morrow's ultra-efficient designs have brought S-100 memory down to 2-cents a byte."

(At this price, today's typical 512MB of RAM would cost only $10,240,000.)
Vector Graphics - 16K Static memory - $485 assembled.
- April 1978
6809 logic design - Design engineer Wayne Harrington inspects a portion of 6809's processor logic blueprint at the Motorola Austin plant. Teletek - "The most powerful interface.....ever." - 1978
Mimic Spartan - "The Spartan is the Apple II+ emulator for your Commodore 64..." Sol Terminal Computer - It's considered "portable", but really...
Apple - "What in the name of Adam do people do with Apple Computers?" Infocom - game catalog numbers and prices. - September 1984
"Here's a view of the main part of the PET production department..." Advanced Computer Products - What didn't they sell?!
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