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The Obsolete Technology Website presents:
old computer ads
Sometimes funny, sometimes fascinating, other times shocking!

SWTPC 68/09 - "The world's most powerful 8-bit microcomputer" - May 1979 Polymorphic Systems - "Using the 8813, one person can process what would normally require many secretaries, several bookkeepers, and a great deal of time."
- February 1978
Processor Technology Corp. now offers a full line of 8080-compatible components. From fine static memories to unique assembly language operating systems. - October 1976 North Star Horizon - Computer with class. The North Star Horizon can be found everywhere computers are used: business, engineering, home - even the classroom.
Smoke Signal Broadcasting - Thinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, ... doctor, lawyer ... the Chieftan's here.

"No matter whether you're a serious hobbyist or a serious businessman, the Chieftan 6800 microcomputer with capabilities that surpass the Z-80 is made for you." - October 1979
MITS Altair 8800 - "It's showing up in some of the most unusual places." - Boy, I'll say. - December 1975
IMSAI 8080 - "Experience the excitment of owning the world's finest personal computer.
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