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The Obsolete Technology Website presents:
old computer ads
Sometimes funny, sometimes fascinating, other times shocking!

TRS-80 model 100 - "America's first pre-programmed, ready-to-run truly portable computer!" TI CC-40 - "TI's new Compact Computer. It takes over your work, not your desk."
- 1983

"Out in the Gulf of Mexico, you need fast answers. In seconds, the Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40TM gives you the exact pressure and what's needed to regain control."
Sharp PC-1500 - "The amazing pocket computer. In living color."

"Now you can take 24K with you where you go..."
Compaq Portable III computer - "We run even faster since we've lost a few pounds."
Osborne computer - "Henry Ford revolutionized personal transportation. Adam Osborne has done the same for personal business computing."
- September 1982
NEC PC-8200 - "NEC reinvents the office."

"Thanks to a remarkable notebook-sized computer made by NEC, you can take your office with you anywhere you go. On a plane, on a park bench, on the way to a meeting, or even on a beach."
Compaq Portable - "The Compaq Portable fits under a standard airline seat for business trips."
- September 1983
IBM 5155 Portable Computer - "It's a complete PC. In a case. With a handle."

"The IBM Portable Personal Computer is the first IBM PC system you can pick up and take with you."
Hyperion - "The world's most powerful, portable computer." TRS-80 Pocket Computer - "Now you can put a TRS-80 computer in your pocket!"
Osborne - "When the keyboard is clipped over the display, only the weatherproof brushed aluminum case is exposed."
- Jun 1981.
Epson Geneva - "With a massive software library and a complete line of system peripherals, the Epson PX-8 portable computer can handle any job."
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