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The Obsolete Technology Website presents:
old computer ads
Sometimes funny, sometimes fascinating, other times shocking!

"There's an error on your timecard..." "Can I copy your code? ..."
"Ho ho ho! Would you like this TRS-80 Model 16 under YOUR tree?" "I like my CoCo..."
"I can't believe how fascinating this is..." "This keyboard is hard to use..."
What is she looking at? "I love my new computer system!"
"TRS-80s have class!" "Why can't we ever win this game??"
"D/C/W/M ? Huh? Sure am glad the boss got me this Challenger 1P..." TRS-80s rule the office world!
"Come on, with my Exidy, and your cassette drive, we could make magic..." "Who needs a man, when you have an Equinox?"
"Even with all of these books, I cannot figure-out how to use this new-fangled computer..." "I love my new TRS-80 printer..."
"Highly accurate!"  
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