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The Obsolete Technology Website presents:
old computer ads
Sometimes funny, sometimes fascinating, other times shocking!

Processor Technology Sol 20 Terminal Computer - "Twenty-five years ago, a computer a powerful as the new Processor Technology SOL-20/8 priced out at a cool million." SCELBI-8B Mini-computer - "...the SCELBI-8B is built around the amazing '8008' "CPU-in-a-chip" which has been revolutionizing the electronics world." - December 1975
Ohio Scientific - "The ultimate in personal computing..." - April 1978 Ohio Scientific - Challenger 4P MF - October 1979
MOS KIM-1 - "A complete microcomputer - not a kit!" - May 1976

"MOS Technology is now a Commodore company." - June 1978
Heathkit H8 - "The H8s intelligent front panel provides efficient one-button program loading, and lets you "see" what's going on on the machine - in memory, in registers, and at I/O ports." - January 1978
COSMAC VIP - "The VIP has 2K of RAM, expandable on-board to 4K. Plus a ROM monitor, audio tone output to a built-in speaker, power supply, and 8-bit input and output ports for control of relays, sensors, or other peripherals." Mostek - "MOS breakthrough from MOSTEK - the 4K RAM in a 16-pin package!"
Dynabyte - "The DB8/2 is the first microcomputer to offer enough storage capacity on 5-inch drives to fully utilize CP/M, the most widely accepted disk operating system." - May 1979 Rockwell AIM 65 - "For learning, designing, work, or just fun..."
Apple - "Apple introduces the first low cost microcomputer system with a video terminal and 8K of RAM on a single card." - 1976 Apple II - "Clear the kitchen table. Bring in the color TV. Plug in your new Apple II..." - January 1977
SWTPc - "Two central processors with maximum RAM capacities of 56K and 384K bytes..."
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