Fictitious Microsoft commercials, starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are sitting in a small cafe, playing a video game on the table-top, which happens to be a Microsoft "Surface" - a giant touch surface.

Jerry Seinfeld is playing furiously, with a bead of sweat on his brow.

Bill Gates, his opponent, is just as quick, but is calm and collect, with just a hint of a smirk.

The waitress approaches and says "Who has the pasta?"

Bill Gates looks at her, and Jerry Seinfeld makes his move - "Ah ha! Score!" he exclaims.

Bill Gates looks back at the table, and sees that Jerry Seinfeld is now in the lead.

"We'll continue this later!" Jerry Seinfeld says, as he hits the SAVE button.

As Jerry Seinfeld reaches for his food from the waitress, Bill Gates surreptitiously hits the DELETE button.

They both smile at each other as they enjoy their lunch.

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