Intel MCS-85
Price:US$ ???
CPU:Intel 8085A @ 3MHz
Memory:256 bytes RAM
Display:LED display
Ports:38-line parallel bus
OS:"Monitor" in ROM

In the past, whenever Intel released a new microprocessor, they provided a development system to allow engineers, students, and anyone else the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new microprocessor.

The Intel MCS-85 System Design Kit (SDK) for the Intel 8085 CPU is a inexpensive, high performance single board computer (SBC) in kit form. It contains all the components required to complete construction of the kit by the user.

The kit includes a 6-digit LED display and a 24-key keyboard for a direct insertion, examination, and execution of a user's program. In addition, it can be directly interfaced with a teletype terminal.

Included is a preprogrammed ROM containing a system monitor for general software utilities and system diagnostics.

The large prototyping area allows additional expansion and custom-designed circuitry.

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