Heathkit H89
Price:US$2,895 ($1,695 kit)
CPU:Zilog Z80, @ 2.0 MHz
RAM:16K, 48K max.
Display:12-inch monochrome CRT
 80 X 24 text, no graphics
Storage:102K hard-sectored floppy drive
 built-in cassette interface
OS:'monitor', HDOS (Heath DOS)

For over 30 years, Heath Company has been at the forefront of consumer electronics, most recently in computers. Since introducing the first personal computer in 1957, Heath has continued to develop one of the most complete and innovative lines of personal computers and computer systems anywhere!

Following the success of their Heathkit H8 computer from 1977, Heathkit released the Heathkit H89 "all-in-one" computer in late 1979.

This system was available as both a kit to be assembled by the purchaser (model H89), or as an assembled and tested system (model WH89), although the WH89 cost $700 more.

The H89 is both a general-purpose terminal and a high-quality computer, with separate Z80 processors and circuity for each function.

The H89 comes with the MTR-88 'monitor' program in ROM, which allows the user to operate at machine level or use the system without disk drives or cassette tape.

Software included with the H89 includes:
  • HDOS Disk Operating System
  • HDOS Utilities
  • DBUG
  • Assembler
  • Text Editor
  • Bentor Harbor BASIC

  • After 1979, Heathkit systems started appearing labeled as "Zenith Data Systems". The Zenith Radio Company had bought-out Heath in an attempt to enter the personal computer business, and shortly afterward stopped offering electronic kits of any kind - it was becoming cheaper, and certainly easier, to just buy your electronics already assembled and tested.

    1979, 1980 Heathkit prices
     part number  description  price 
    H88All-in-one computer kit - no floppy$1,350
    H89All-in-one computer kit$1,695
    WH89All-in-one computer - assembled$2,895
    H88-216K RAM chip set$150
    H88-3Two-port serial I/O interface$100
    H88-4Floppy disk storage system$490
    H88-5Audio cassette interface$75
    H88-6Backplate modification kit$50
    H89-16System software$100
    H8-21Microsoft BASIC computer language$150

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