Computer corrosion - the horror of it all.

What's the worst thing that could ever happen to a computer?
  • Hard drive crash?
  • Power supply failure?
  • Microsoft?

    No - A leaking battery! - Most computers have some sort of battery-backed memory to retain important system information, like the date and time.

    In early computers, these batteries were likely to be rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad). This is fine, except they start to leak after a few years!

  • This is an Olivetti M10 computer, with a major leaking battery corrosion problem. It was sitting for many years with the battery slowly leaking it guts all over the motherboard.

    This is a serious issue, since all of the exposed metal parts will start to deteriorate - this includes the traces on the motherboard, the legs of the ic chips, and even the solder which holds everything together.

    Is there any hope? It doesn't appear so...

    Amazing - it appears that this evil has been exorcised from our system! How was this accomplished?
    1. A nice bath in white (clear) vinegar (a weak acid) with a gentle scrubbing with an acid brush will neutralize the electrolyte and render it inert.
    2. Next, a bath and scrubbing in isopropyl alcohol - 99% pure is the best. This will clean-up any remaining residue, oils, and water moisture.
    3. Blow-out all of the remaining liquid if possible, then let it air-dry for a day or two.
    Oh well, even after the cleaning, this system never did work, due to reasons unknown.

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