Franklin ACE 2100
CPU:65SC02 @ 1.02 MHz
RAM:128K, 576K max
Display:560 X 192, 40 or 80 X 24 text
Ports:composite video output
parallel, game port
2 internal expansion slots
Storageinternal 143K floppy
OS:Franklin DOS 2

The Ace 2000 series were the last systems manufactured by Franklin, and were quite attractive and well-built.

  • The Ace 2000 has no internal floppy drive, typically for network use.
  • the Ace 2100 has one internal floppy drive.
  • the Ace 2200 has two internal floppy drives.

    The system seen here is an Ace 2100, but has been upgraded with the addition of a second internal floppy drive.

  • All of the Franklin computers are clones of the popular Apple II computer series.
    The Ace 100 is a clone of the Apple II.
    The Ace 1000 is a clone of the Apple II Plus,
    the Ace 2000, seen here, is based on the Apple IIe,
    and the Ace 500 is based on the Apple IIc system.

    The Franklin computers were usually cheaper but more advanced than their Apple 'cousins'. Up to this point in time, no Apple II series computer even had a seperate keyboard, but the Franklin did.

    This Franklin Ace 2100 system has the 320K Extended Memory Card installed, seen on the left of the motherboard, for a total of 384K of memory.
    On the right, is the RGB Interface Card, allowing use of a high quality RGB monitor rather than the typical composite monitor. An RGB monitor is highly desireable for viewing 80 columns of text.

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