Panasonic / Quasar HHC
Model:Panasonic - RL-H1400
Quasar - HK 2600TE
Price:$400 ??
Weight:1.4 lbs. (620 grams)
CPU:6502, 1MHz
Expansion:44-pin expansion port
3 sockets for user-added ROM
Display:26 X 1 character LCD display
optional thermal printer
Power source:Built-in nicad batteries
External 9vdc power supply
Storage:Audio cassette in/out (in printer)
OS:SNAP built-in
optional Microsoft BASIC in ROM

Although the Panasonic RL-H1400 HHC (Hand Held Computer) is not actually small or light enough to carry around in your pocket, it is still one of the smallest personal computers around.

Three Panasonics were released:
RL-H1000 = 2K RAM (expandable to 4K)
RL-H1400 = 4K RAM
RL-H1800 = 8K RAM

Parent company Matsushita actually created the system, and also sold a similar product, the HK-2600TE, under the Quasar name, as seen below.

The systems are shown with the printer/cassette adapter (Panasonic RL-P1004A, Quasar PC913VE) attached. This is a 40 character/line thermal printer, as well as a cassette interface to save and load files and programs.

The HHC has the SNAP interpreter built-in (SNAP is an early, interpreted text-processing language), and the Microsoft BASIC ROM can be installed if desired.

Many of these systems were sold with a built-in custom insurance calculation application for insurance salesmen and claim adjusters to use on the road. These applications, similar to the BASIC ROM, were burned into from one to three ROMs which were installed into a compartment on the back of the system.

Although heavy at 2.3 pound (1040 grams) with the printer attached, the HHC is still portable and very useful.

Example of the printer printout, actual size is 3 inches wide.

Printout magnified about 10X.

Here's an excerpt from the manual:

    The Panasonic HHCTM is a revolutionary development that scientists did not expect for many years - an inexpensive personal computer that can literally be held in your hand!

    Your Panasonic HHC was designed to perform some spectacular tasks for you without your having to become a computer expert.

    A self-instructing multiple-choice menu system gives quick and easy access to all programs. A self-defining system of function keys helps you to adapt the HHC to your individual needs and routines. And a self-assignable keyboard allows you to master sophisticated programs easily and rapidly.

    Moreover, the HHC is the first portable unit designed with a complete "bus". This gives virtually unlimited expandability and interchangeability of peripheral devices.
Things you can do with the HHC
    The keyword for your HHC is POTENTIAL. With present and future devices and software programs, you will be able to:

  • Use your home TV screen as a display unit...
  • Have a print-out of material generated by your Hand Held Computer...
  • Use your telephone to connect your HHC to regional and national computer information banks, bringing extensive libraries and up-to-the-minute information right into you home or office...
  • Expand your computer's memory with attachments that contain added memory storage...
  • Have an electronic teacher for high speed reading, spelling, vocabulary building, computer programming, memory improvement, etc...
  • Have a programmable scientific calculator...
  • Perform word processing and advanced editing and filing...
  • Have guides for tax information, diet programs, etc...
  • Challenge an electronic opponent to chess, checkers, and other games...
  • Develop your own library of HHC capsule programs to perform an unlimited number of individual applications...
  • Have access to BASIC and SNAP computer languages so that you can create your own computer programs...

    The compact HHC Primary Unit opens the door to all these potentials and more; with the Primary Unit alone, you can:

  • Store addresses and phone numbers, instructions, notes, business or scientific definitions, technical tables, formulas, calorie counters, personal records, prices, recipes, tax and financial records - or whatever you want to keep and recall in seconds...
  • Use a Clock/Controller to keep your schedule for days, weeks, or even years in advance - and to remind you as your appointments fall due... (The calendar is available from Jan. 1, 1980 to Dec. 31, 2068).
  • Have a pocket Calculator with all arithmetic functions, a percent key, and a memory...

    These are just a sampling of what you can do with your HHC.
    The back of your HHC has a removable door behind which are sockets for three HHC capsules. These capsules are the ultimate in size reduction for program cartridges using ROM (Read Only Memory).

    Capsules can also contain data for use by other programs - voice synthesizing, for example. And some peripherals contain their own capsules - e.g. the Acoustic Modem and the RS-232C. Instructions are in the manuals for the individual peripherals and HHC capsules.

    A continuing supply of new programs will be offered as they are developed.

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