NNC Electronics
Model:NNC 80W
Available:November 1980
Price:US $7,500
CPU:Z-80A @ 4MHz
Memory:64K, 256K max
Display:serial terminal
Ports:2-serial, 3-parallel
Storage:8-inch floppy drive
 Winchester 10MB HD

In late 1980, NNC (No Name Computers) offered two S-100 based computer systems - the 80 and 80W.

Basic features of the Model 80 are:
  • 64kB RAM memory
  • Z-80A processor (4MHz)
  • two RS-232-C serial ports
  • three 8-bit parallel ports
  • eight S-100 expansion slots
  • two "Shugart 801" 8-inch floppy drives

  • The Model 80W is similar, with slightly different storage capability:
  • only one 8-inch floppy drive
  • added one "Shugart SA-1004" 10MB eight-inch hard drive

  • The basic Model 80 and Model 80W systems are single-user in operation but can be expanded with additional terminals and printers for up to six users.

    CP/M was offered as the standard operating system, but for multiuser applications "OASIS" from Phase One Systems was available.

    They are also very heavy - the Model 80W with it's large, heavy-duty components weighs 70 pounds.

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